MDL100  Medical Cold Laser Therapy Machine 

Irradiation treatment principle

 MDL100 Medical cold laser therapy machine applied Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

 MDL100 Medical cold laser therapy machine is completely portable, as a noninvasive contact medical device, very easy to operate.It is a Diode Laser wavelength of  650nm and its laser output by fiber .

MDL100 Medical cold laser therapy machine can be used for laser acupuncture and moxibustion. It has the advantage of no pain, no infect, no forbidden acupuncture point and convenience. Specially suitable for acupuncture feel dizzy, fear of pain, and the elderly and children.

MDL100  Medical cold laser therapy machine, use for cold laser therapy output wavelength:650nm,irradiate tissue, can also activate the  corresponding parts of the immune cell activity, strengthen the body's immune function thus  reach diminish inflammation effect.



Small in size, easy to carry,   

fiber output easy to use                             
Laser acupuncture, irradiation

 2 kinds of using ways
can change 2  branches,    4 branches, etc,  adapt to the needs of different treatment


Technical parameter

Output power

>120 mW



pulse modulation on/off=0.5/0.5S



Dimension (mm)




Electrical input AC 110-240V


1 years

         MDL100 Medical Cold Laser Therapy Machine  application !! Low Level Laser Therapy


Diminish inflammation
It can improve the formation of new blood vesselsformation of the skin and muscle RNA and glycogen content increased, accelerate the fibroblasts forming, granulation tissue hyperplasia, epithelial tissue regeneration. Accelerate the trauma、the healing of ulcer.


Nasal cavity irradiation
 Applications:Anaphylactic rhinitis、chronic rhinitis、atrophic rhinitis、nasosinusitis
Beijing Tongren Hospital in 1995, the weak laser was applied to 70 patients with chronic rhinitis nasal mucosa laser treatmentAfter a course of treatment (10 days)65 patients with rhinitis symptoms improved significantly.



Otitis media adjuvant therapy
After laser local irradiation, can relieve swelling in the eustachian tube, function improvement, the middle ear cavity gas increase, capillary seep decrease. Meanwhile, Promote the mucus cilia system and the function of phagocyte, increased the specificity immune function, strengthen the exclusion and absorption of exudate. So we think that laser irradiation is one of the important measures for the treatment of secretory  otitis media.




Laser Extravascular irradiation
Diode Laser extravascular irradiation can significantly reduce the blood vessels outside  the red blood cells deposited、 whole blood viscosity、 fibrinogen、total cholesterol and low density lipoprotein cholesterol and blood triglycerides.

Laser blood irradiation therapy has the functions of immune adjustment,  improve the activity of enzyme, clean up the medium molecular substance, reduce blood viscosity and improving microcirculation, etc.
2 times a day, each time for 40 minutes extravascular irradiation treatment, 30 times is a course of treatment, can obtain significantly lower blood fat treatment effect.




Laser irradiation therapy for cervicitis

Method:Use disposable vaginal speculum exposure of the cervix, light spot diameter is 4 cm, irradiation distance of 15 cm, the beam and the opening of the cervix are vertical relationship, time for 20 min, Reexamination after 10 days of treatment




             MDL100  Medical Diode Laser  Instrument  Accessories need to pay if you buy

It is suitable to beam needle and it can irradiating two acupuncture point at the same time.


It can through rectum wall to irradiating prostatitis


It can treat inflammation of the cavity organ

2 Furcation fiber Side fiber Dispersion fiber 4 Furcation fiber (4W)


             MDL500 Medical Laser Physiotherapy Machine





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