MDL 500 808nm Diode Laser  Instrument

 MDL 500   Diode Laser Instrument applied

    Nonnasality department: hemodia, stomatitis, exfoliation lip, nonnasality viscidity, after pulling out teeth, acute pericoronitis, trigeminal pain, disorganized mandible and joint.

              MDL 500    Medical Diode Laser Instrument

 MDL-500 medical diode laser instrument outputs high power and far IR with strong penetrability. High laser energy also can penetrate into personal organization deeply, it is good for treating joint parts and other with a much good effective, some disease such as ease pain, and diminish inflammation , it can promote organization rehabilitate, adjust inside body balance,  promote wound cicatrize. Its output power is 500 mw, and its very stable, its volume is very small, easy to operation, a extensively treat range, its expediently for carry. 

Handle A has 1 diode laser wavelength 808nm,

Handle B has 3 diode laser wavelength 808nm,  and 1 LED wavelength 630nm,

Output 1 way:  A or B handles should be on work by exchange.

The output laser power can be adjusted

Technical parameter

Output way 1W
 laser power  500mW
 timer 0-99m
pulse modulation on/off=0.5/0.5S
Dimension (mm) 300〜210〜80
Electrical input AC100-230V
weight 2Kg
Warranty 1 years

          MDL50  980nm Diode Dental Laser  Instrument

Procedures performed using soft tissue dental lasers may not require sutures (stitches).
Certain laser dentistry procedures do not require anesthesia.
Laser dentistry minimizes bleeding because the high-energy light beam aids in the clotting (coagulation) of exposed blood vessels, thus inhibiting blood loss.
Bacterial infections are minimized because Dental laser high-energy beam sterilizes the area being worked on.
Dental laser Damage to surrounding tissue is minimized.
Wounds heal faster and tissues can be regenerated.


           MDL50  Diode Dental Laser   Specifications

 * Model


 * Wavelength

 980 nm

 * Output Power


 * Operating Mode Continuous\single\ Pulse sequence\ Ultra pulse
 * Aiming beam Red adjustable<4mw@635nm(class 3R)
 * Beam delivery Optical fiber + handpiece
 * Optical fiber 200 or 300 or 400 or 500 or 600 um
 * Mains 110!230V AC, 60/50Hz
 * L x W x H 380 x 280 x 380 mm,
 * Weight 10kg (Net weight 6kg)

 MDL50  980nm Dental Laser General Features

Intelligent Operations
Intuitive navigation via touch controls
Pre- programmed settings for the most commonly performed procedures
Favorites for quick access of preferred treatment settings

Lightweight, compact diode laser,
designed for mobile use and quick setup. Ergonomic and economic
fiber solution through permanent transmission light guide and disposable fiber tips. 
Integrated spooling adjusts the length of the permanent light guide

            MDL50  980nm Dental Laser Fiber and Output Connector




Quality system ISO 13485-2003 

Safty  standard EN 60601-1、EN 60601-1-2、 EN 60825-1 OF  LIPOLASER




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