Micromanipulator offers exceptional affordability with outstanding performance for micro laser surgery. This   economical manipulator easily adapts to most microscopes. Most popular CO2 laser brands connect to the manipulator direct with adapters available for other brands.
     Micromanipulator combines exceptional affordability with out standing performance for micro laser surgery. The optical zoom focus is optimized to give consistent beam spot sizes across the entire focus range. The easily rotated zoom sleeve allows rapid one hand focus and defocus The manipulator easily adapts to most microscopes found in hte operating room and many colposcope in the office.
      Features of micromanipulator

  • Removable hand rest
  • Adapts to most microscopes
  •  Adapters available for most CO2 lasers
  • Can be easily moved from scope to scope without tools

Micromanipulator technical parameter
Standard arm input thread:   M20*1.5
Focus/Defocus range:  220-450mm
Adjusting range:diameter 20mm;

Input beam:  To 12mm diameter
Allowable aiming beam: 633nm to 670nm (red)
Focus gauge: Numeric ring dial;
Bending mirror : Durable solid aluminum;
Adapters available: Zeiss, Olympus, Leica, AO.
The micromanipulator used in gynecological microscope


   Throat surgery :
Tumor ,Polyp ,Vocal ,nodules , keratosis of larynx ,Tonsil ,snoring
  Ear surgery:
Tympanic membrane perforation ,incision ,stapedotomy ,external ,auditory ,canal ,tumors


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