MDL50  980nm  Smartlipo General Features

Before doing the vivo laser lipolysis have to cut a small incision on the skin. Insert laser fiber into the incision. Laser comes from the front end of the fiber. Laser produces heat, light, chemical effects and biostimulation to the tissue. Laser thermal effects will melt the plasma membrane selectively and in this way the fat broken to liquid, then the fat membrane will be reduced. To melt the small fat area can use squeeze or suction by the injector to get the melt fat out of the body. For the large liquidation fat has to use the special needle to suction it out by negative pressure. In addition, the energy get out of during the laser lipolysis can stimulate the collagen of the skin to regrowth and in results the skin be tightened after the fat removed.

           MDL50 Diode laser   Specifications

 * Model


 * Wavelength

 980 nm

 * Output Power


 * Operating Mode Continuous\single\ Pulse sequence
 * Aiming beam Red adjustable<4mw@635nm(class 3R)
 * Beam delivery Optical fiber + handpiece
 * Optical fiber 200,300,400,500,600um
* input power 200W
* Mains 110¡ª230V AC, 60/50Hz
* L x W x H 380 x 280 x 380 mm,

* Weight

10kg (Net weight 6kg)

* Packing

440 x 340 x 440 mm

* Warranty  1 year, technology supports forever
¡¡ ¡¡

MDL50  980nm  Smartlipo  General Features

MDL50 diode laser is the ideal laser for surgery and high power medical therapy. Its wavelength has two advantages:a high water absorption(10 times higher than a 808nm laser and 4 times higher than a 1064nm laser) for an enhanced vaporization of soft tissues and a high hemoglobin absorption to achieve burn-free coagulation and excellent hemostasis. Tissue¡¯s thermal diffusion lower than using a 1064nm laser

Main advantages are:

Precise surgery

Fast healing

Compact and portable

Wide range of accessories

Multidisciplinary use

        MDL50  980nm  Smartlipo    Used to treat

The Smartlipo® device can be used to remove small areas of stubborn fat, resistant to diet or exercise, (a total of 500mls - about the size of a can of coke can be realistically removed in one treatment session), and works best on small areas of the body including:

  • under the chin ¨C e.g., double chin,

  • under the upper arms ,

  • the knees and leg,

  • the hips and inner or outer thighs ¨C e.g., saddlebags,

  • the waist and back ¨C e.g., love handles, and fat around the bra strap region

             MDL50  980nm  Smartlipo   ACCESSORIES


liposuction hand

with different cannulas£º

Diam 1.2mm, length 10cm,

Diam 2.5mm, length 15cm, 2 holes cannula 

Diam 3mm, length 25cm, 5 holes cannula





standard configuration

If need to supply


Quality system£º ISO 13485-2003 

Safty  standard£º EN 60601-1¡¢EN 60601-1-2¡¢ EN 60825-1 OF  LIPOLASER



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